A porcelain vase
A large porcelain vase,painted and gilded decorations,late 19thC.
id: 261 500 EUR
A porcelain dish
A porcelain dish,with painted and gilded decorations,19thC.
id: 260 250 EUR
A Dresden large hand-painted pottery vase,c1930,65cm high.
id: 180 600 EUR
A porcelain jardiniere with stand,painted and gilded decoration,mid 19thC.
id: 176 550 EUR
Garden seat
A porcelain painted and gilded garden seat,mid of the 19thC,China Dimensions:48cm high,36cm wide from the middle.
id: 125 1650 EUR
A Satsuma  vase
A Satsuma vase,mid 19thC,Japan
id: 69 3000 EUR
Satsuma teacup and saucer,19thC.
id: 68 500 EUR
Satsuma coffee cups
Satsuma coffee cups with saucers,four cups,end of the 19thC.
id: 67 740 EUR
Satsuma teacup and saucer by Yasuido,early 20th century.
id: 66 160 EUR
Small bowl,Satsuma,beginning of the 20thC,made for export.
id: 65 290 EUR
Vases 2pcs.Satsuma
Pair of vases,Satsuma,beginning of the 20thC.
id: 64 250 EUR
Satsuma dish,c.1900,possible by Maruni,25,5x23,5x4cm.
id: 58 580 EUR