Wooden cabinet
An unique Chinese wooden cabinet with stone plaquer.
id: 326 0 EUR
Chest of drawers/desk
Chest of drawers/desk.Karelian birch,mid XIX cent.Height 105cm,width 115cm,depth 55cm
id: 322 0 EUR
Sold: Candlesticks
Silver plated candlesticks.Made in Warzawa,Fraget 1848.Height 50cm.
id: 318 0 EUR
"Thonet" armchairs.Good conditation." pcs.75.-eur/each
id: 311 150 EUR
Sold: Cupboard
id: 310 0 EUR
A mahogany bench,late 19thC.
id: 303 650 EUR
A birch-wood commode.Early 20thC.
id: 302 380 EUR
Dinner table
An oak extendible dinner table in very good condition.Size 142cm x114cm for 6 person,when it's opened,then 380cm x 114cm x 79cm(high) for 14 person.
id: 300 0 EUR
Dinner set
Sold: Dinner set
A set of six oak chairs and dining table,attributed to Eliel Saarinen,early 20thC.
id: 296 0 EUR
Jugendstil set
A mahogany Art Nouveau set.Early 20thC.
id: 295 0 EUR
Sold: Armchairs
A pair of armchairs,early 20thC.
id: 288 0 EUR
Writing desk
A painted writing desk,has been used in the Ministry of Finance of Estonia,~1930
id: 285 0 EUR
id: 282 0 EUR
An ashwood bench with a cane seat,Empire,early 19thC,Baltic.
id: 281 0 EUR
Display cabinet
A mahogany display cabinet,mid 19thC,Russia
id: 280 0 EUR
An armchair
A Biedermeier style armchair,mid 19thC,Estonia
id: 278 0 EUR
Sold: Cupboard
An oak cupboard, late 19thC,Baltic.Provenance, Küdema manor,Saaremaa.
id: 277 0 EUR
Cigarette holder
A silver enamel cigarette holder,Russia,c1930 Silver mark 875,84
id: 268 0 EUR
Sold: Armchair
A"Thonet"armchair,beech,early 20thC.
id: 265 320 EUR
A walnut commode,with brass carrying handles,Russia,early 19thC.
id: 264 0 EUR
Sold: Tankard
A faience tankard with hunting scenes,Germany,early 20thC.
id: 263 0 EUR
A porcelain vase
A large porcelain vase,painted and gilded decorations,Germany,Art Deco,~1935
id: 262 0 EUR
A papier-mache box,decorated with Estonian vikings,Richard Sagrits, 1943,Russia
id: 259 0 EUR
Silver cross
Sold: Silver cross
Russian silver enamel priest cross,Moscow,14 May 1896,Coronation of Nicholas II Old Russian silver mark 84
id: 258 0 EUR
A brass figure
A brass figure,puto
id: 257 0 EUR
A porcelain set
A porcelain set,hand-painted,Estonia,~1935
id: 255 0 EUR
A cast-iron and painted cut-glass chandelier,Italy,c1930
id: 254 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
A brass ceiling lamp,France,late 19thC.
id: 253 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
A brass gilded ceiling lamp,France,late 19thC.
id: 252 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
A chromium-plated metal ceiling lamp,Italy,c1950
id: 251 0 EUR
Side cabinet
An oak side cabinet with hand-painted door,late 19thC,94cm wide.
id: 249 500 EUR
An oak chair,Russia,late 19thC
id: 247 0 EUR
Salon suite
A jugendstil salon suite,comprising a sofa,two armchairs and two chairs,early 20thC.
id: 246 0 EUR
A pine bureau,late 19thC.
id: 245 0 EUR
A painted pine bookcase,the upper section with glass doors and adjustable shelves, the base with two doors and with two drawers,the upper section has two metal decorations,Baltic,first half
id: 244 0 EUR
Dining table
An oak extending dining table,c1870,Russia
id: 241 0 EUR
Side cabinet
A mahogany side cabinet,c1880
id: 238 0 EUR
Hall mirror
A mahogany hall mirror,Russia,St.Petersburgh,19thC,266cm high,71cm wide.
id: 237 0 EUR
Centre table
A walnut centre table,19thC.
id: 235 0 EUR
Cigarette case
A silver enamel cigarette case,Russia,19thC, Russian silver markings 84
id: 233 0 EUR
Oil table lamp
A Loetz? iridescent glass oil table lamp,held in the bronze mount,Art Nouveau, Austria,c1900.
id: 231 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
Ceiling lamp,Art Nouveau,c1920-30.
id: 229 950 EUR
A ship wheel
A teak ship wheel,c1920,diam.-102cm.
id: 225 0 EUR
A ship wheel
An oak ship wheel,c1920,diam.-95cm.
id: 224 0 EUR
Oilpainting,canvas,sign(unknown artist),1930,measurement 105x83 by frame.
id: 223 0 EUR
A karelian birch veneer wardrobe,Estonia,Lutherma,c1930.
id: 222 0 EUR
Livonian map
Justus Dankerts,an engraved and hand-colured map of Livland and Courland,Amsterdam,1680-90
id: 220 0 EUR
Oil,canvas.Valdur Ohakas
id: 218 0 EUR
Writing desk
An oak writing desk with a leather top,c1900.
id: 217 0 EUR
A walnut armchair,original leather,second half of the 19thC,Russia.
id: 216 0 EUR
Centre table
A Victorian rosewood centre table,90cm diam.
id: 212 0 EUR
Fruit dish
A gilded brass fruit dish,19thC.
id: 210 600 EUR
Wall mirror
Sold: Wall mirror
A mahogany wall mirror ,Russia,1880.The mirror is original.
id: 209 0 EUR
Dressing chest
A Rococo revival walnut dressing chest,late 19thC.
id: 205 0 EUR
Dressing table
A walnut dressing table,cheval mirror flanked by candle shelves,Russian-style, late 19thC,St.-Petersburgh
id: 202 0 EUR
A mahogany open bookcase with gilded brass decorations,Empire-style,late 19thC, 224cm wide.
id: 200 0 EUR
Dining table
A walnut and oak veneered dining table,c1930.
id: 199 0 EUR
A birch-wood table,diam.-110cm
id: 198 0 EUR
Coffee table
A birch-wood hand-painted gilded table,end of 19thC.
id: 197 0 EUR
An oak chair,c1900
id: 196 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
Ceiling lamp,brass
id: 195 0 EUR
Writing desk
Sold: Writing desk
A Biedermeier style flame-mahogany writing desk,second half of the 19thC.
id: 194 0 EUR
Sold: Cupboard
An oak cupboard,Russian-style,St.-Petersburgh,1880-90.
id: 191 0 EUR
A set of  chairs
A set of four oak chairs,c1930
id: 190 0 EUR
A pair of chairs
A pair of oak chairs,Baltic,c1920.
id: 189 0 EUR
A set of nine chairs
A set of nine ashwood chairs,ordered by restaurant Nord,Art Deco
id: 188 0 EUR
Writing desk
Sold: Writing desk
A mahogany writing desk,Art Nouveau,c1920,145cm wide.
id: 184 0 EUR
Floor lamp
A jugendstil floor lamp with porcelain table-plate,in good working order early 20thC.
id: 183 0 EUR
A large size hand-painted vase,pottery, South-East Asia,late 19thC, 65cm high,diam.~40cm
id: 181 0 EUR
A porcelain figure
A porcelain figure of dog,LFZ,30cm wide.
id: 179 100 EUR
A porcelain figure
A porcelain figure of dog,LFZ,35cm wide.
id: 178 0 EUR
A porcelain figure
A porcelain figure of Maija Plisetskaja, Russia,c1980,43cm wide.
id: 177 0 EUR
Wine cooler
A silver and oak wine cooler,c1960,Finland.
id: 175 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
A ceramic ceiling lamp,handpainted,c1960,Sweden.
id: 174 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
A brass ceiling lamp,Jugendstil,early 20thC.
id: 173 0 EUR
A shell cameo brooch,in a 14ct gold mount,c 1930-40,Italy
id: 171 0 EUR
A silver brooch
A Art Deco style silver brooch,c1930,Germany.
id: 170 0 EUR
A silver brooch,emerald,Art Deco,Germany,c1930
id: 169 0 EUR
A silver brooch and ring,1980
id: 168 0 EUR
Sold: Bill-box
An onyx and brass bill-box,late of 19thC.
id: 167 0 EUR
Dining table
A birch-wood,extending dining table,c1950, Estonia.
id: 165 0 EUR
A diamond ring
Art-Deco style diamond and emerald ring ,white gold 14ct. 14 larger and 14 smaller brilliant cut diamonds around emerald. Diameter of the ring 18cm.
id: 164 0 EUR
A mahogany mirror,Empire,signed 1831,Russia.
id: 163 0 EUR
Coffee table
A walnut centre table,late of 19thC.
id: 160 0 EUR
Coffee table
Sold: Coffee table
A Biedermeier mahogany coffee table,c1850,Russia.
id: 159 0 EUR
Dining table
Sold: Dining table
A mahogany extending dining table,Biedermeier,beginning of the 20thC,Russia.
id: 158 0 EUR
An oak large armchair,Russian-style,late 19thC,St.-Petersburgh. Size of the chair 135cm high,65cm wide.
id: 152 1500 EUR
A birch-wood armchair/couch,Russia,beginning of the 20thC.
id: 151 0 EUR
An oak open bookcase,with adjustable shelves flanked by cupboard doors,20thC.
id: 150 0 EUR
"Emma"style lounge and armchair.1900-10
id: 149 0 EUR
A birch-wood sofa,late of 19thC,Baltic
id: 148 0 EUR
A money-box,beginning of the 20thC,Germany.
id: 146 0 EUR
Cartel clock
A gilt-bronze cartel clock,with enamel dial,France,mid 19thC.
id: 145 0 EUR
Wall clock
A walnut wall clock,by Gustav Becker,the enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, the twin-weight-driven movement,Germany,c1890.
id: 144 0 EUR
Sold: Centrepiece
A brass and majolica centrepiece,second half of the 19thC. Dimensions:32cm wide,30cm high.
id: 140 0 EUR
A pair of gilded-brass candlesticks with marble basement,19thC,France.
id: 139 0 EUR
Map.Livonia 1627
An engraved and hand-coloured map of Livonia by Gerard Mercator,1627.
id: 138 0 EUR
Shipping diorama
A carved and painted wood shipping diorama,second half of the 19thC.
id: 137 830 EUR
Russian icon
Old original Russian icon Virgin presentation in the temple. Gilded lithoprint icon with original box and oil lamp,1899,Moscow. Gilded in Xlebnikov factory.Size of the box:40,5x26cm.
id: 136 0 EUR
A glass vase,painted and gilt decoration,Russia,second half of the 19thC.
id: 135 0 EUR
Russian icon Virgin of Kazan,late of 19thC. Painted with egg tempera,silver-plated and gilded oklad. Size of the icon:18x14,5cm.
id: 134 0 EUR
An oak cupboard,Päärdu manor,Vigala,Estonia,late 17thC-early 18thC.
id: 133 0 EUR
A ashwood cupboard,c1890,Baltic,144cm wide.
id: 129 0 EUR
Ceiling lamp
A brass ceiling lamp with four lights,c1920,Germany.
id: 126 0 EUR
Oil,canvas.Frame size 63x48(canvas 50x36).No sign
id: 123 0 EUR
Oil,canvas 50x70.Sign by Levan Mosiashvili 2008
id: 122 350 EUR
A mahogany large bookcase,with single glaze door,mid 19thC,Russia.
id: 120 0 EUR
Dining table
An oak extending dining table,Russian-style,late 19thC,St.Petersburgh.
id: 118 0 EUR
A walnut cabinet on carved legs,c1850,Russia. Size:114cm high,88cm wide, 41cm deep
id: 115 0 EUR
A silver-plated teapot,late of the 19thC,Great Britain
id: 113 0 EUR
A pewter chalice,late of the 18thC,Russia.
id: 111 0 EUR
Sold: Chandelier
A set of chandelier and wall sconces by Gaetano Sciolari,c1955-60,Italy. Size of the chandelier:57cm wide,98cm high.
id: 109 0 EUR
Painting.E.Pehap 1956
An oil painting on paper by Erich Pehap 1956,Estonian-Canadian artist.
id: 108 1000 EUR
Side table
A birch table.Size 79cm wide,76cm high,43cm deep.
id: 106 0 EUR
Wall mirror
A walnut wall mirror,19thC,Scandinavia.164cm high,66cm wide
id: 104 0 EUR
Desk set
A desk set, gilded brass,Art Nouveau,propably Russian,early 20thC.
id: 103 0 EUR
Old original Russian map by Frederic de Wit,1680.Size by the frame 78,5x67,5cm(without the frame 60x50).
id: 102 0 EUR
A Biedermeier-style mahogany settee with scroll arms, c1850,Russian.
id: 99 0 EUR
A mahogany three-tier shelf,late 19thC,Russia,118cm high,66cm wide.
id: 98 0 EUR
Salon suite
A painted and gilded salon suite,comprising a sofa,two open armchairs and four chairs,late of 19thC.
id: 96 0 EUR
Daybed and armchair
A birch-wood painted,daybed and armchair,early 20thC,Baltic.
id: 95 0 EUR
Pocket watch
id: 90 0 EUR
Gold brooch
Old antique white-gold brooch with 50 diamonds.Largest diamonds 0,3ct.Size of the brooch 5,5x2cm,585 gold,7,69gr,beginning of the 20thC.
id: 88 0 EUR
A pair of silver-plated candlesticks,19thC.
id: 86 0 EUR
A hand-painted porcelain brooch with brass-gilded frame,mid of the 19thC.
id: 84 0 EUR
A carved and giltwood mirror,19thC,Sweden, 118x50cm.
id: 83 0 EUR
Cup of Sorrow
Cup of Sorrow,coronation of Nicholas II,1896,Moscow. An enamel cup.
id: 82 0 EUR
Centre table
An oak centre table,c1930-40,Baltic.
id: 81 0 EUR
Writing desk
A mahogany writing desk,with seven drawers,early 20thC.
id: 80 0 EUR
Torso,made by Estonian artist Platon,ARS,dated 1968,44cm high.
id: 78 0 EUR
Sold: Mirror
A mahogany mirror and side table,19thC.Sizes:height 273cm,width 86cm
id: 77 0 EUR
A carved and giltwood mirror. A gilt console table,with a marble top,carved with acanthus leaves,slight damage,hight 245cm,77 cm wide.
id: 76 0 EUR
An oak armchair,c1930.Measurements:height 72cm,width 69cm
id: 75 0 EUR
An oak cupboard,Art Nouveau,Russia,c1900.
id: 63 0 EUR
Table.Napoleon III
A Napoleon III-style centre table,France,mid-19thC.
id: 62 0 EUR
A shell cameo brooch,in a 14ct gold mount,c1930-40,Finland,5,2x4,2cm. Total weight 18,52gr.
id: 57 0 EUR
Brooch 1808
An old brooch,silver-gilded,1808,Latvia Courland.The size of the brooch:26,5 cm high,14,6 cm diameter.
id: 56 0 EUR